Practical Guide of Workaway

You want to travel saving money and learning things that you didn´t know you could do? This is your chance! Keep on reading and you will have the courage.


Workaway is a platform of volunteering in exchange of accomodation and food all over the world. It works like a “work for accomodation”. The “volunteer” works 4-5 hours a day in exchange of accomodation and food, having free time after the work to spend as he wants. Also he has two days off, it can be during the weekend or in general whenever you want to take them.

In some cases the hosts are in big cities while other in places far away, have that in account (they say it in their profile) so you won´t be surprised when you arrive.


Workaway in Czech Republic


Workaway has a price of 23 euros for one people and 30 euros for a couple account and it last one year.


Now you have to make your profile interesting enough so that the host can learn more about you and have all the information to accomodate you.

Have in mind that they don´t know who´s coming to their house, it´s important that you introduce yourself and let them know that you´re not a «travel psycho».

Our Workaway profile is this:

We are Flavia and Diego. We are a newlywed couple from Argentina. Flavia is 31 years old and she is a Makeup Artist and Dance Teacher. Diego is 33 years old and he is a Chef and Home-brewer.

We live in Buenos Aires and got married two years ago. This year we decided to sell our car and some things and travel for one year around Europe.

We known each other since we were 18 an always love to travel. We´ve been to Europe for our honeymoon and since then we decided that we want to do a long term travel.

We want to travel the world, see new places, learn new things and meet new people.
We love to get to know new cultures, try new food, taking pictures and getting to know the cities like the locals.

We love cooking and we´re really good at it. If we volunteer for you we would love to cook some argentinian food like «empanadas» or «milanesas».

We love animals! In Argentina, we have 3 cats. Diego grew up in the country side so he used to have all kinds of animals. Flavia lived all her life in an apartment but love animals too.

We are very easygoing and helpful. Flavia has a very high level of English and Diego has a basic level but we want to learn some new languages and improve our English aswell.

We are looking forward of working with you and have a nice time.»



Our neighbours in Slovakia


All you have to do is pick the places you want to visit and star checking the host´s profile.

Read carefully the profile, what they are offering, what job you will be doing, how many hours per day you have to work, type of accomodation and of course other traveller´s opinion if they have them.

You can work in hostels, farms, family houses, permaculture projects, ships, schools, the possibilities are endless.

When you write the e-mail make it brief but mentioning something about their profile, for example, if the profile said that they do comminity dinners and you like to cook you can offer to cook one of those meals, offer a traditional food of you country or whatever. Use your imagination!

In Workaway the hosts can send you invitations so you can volunteer for them. That´s cool because you can arrange dates and places to travel.

Ideally you have to write some time in advance, specially if the place you want to go has a «high season». Think that maybe you are not the only one that want to volunteer there.


Making gnochis in Poland


We had several experiences in Workaway and they were all positive. In some we work a lot and did things we couldn´t imagine doing such as all wooden walls of a cottage. In other we barely worked and it was more about the cultural exchange the work itself.

The hosts love to know where we come from, the different customs, the similarities and differences in the cultures so be prepare to talk a lot about your history.


Cottage in process, Slovakia


Making new friends, Slovakia


*Always answer the mails of the invitation, even if you´re not planing to visit the place. It´s good to thank the contact.

*If you commit to a date, don´t let the host hanging. They count on you for some work and you not only harm them but also another traveller that might be interested in going.

*Always leave a comment after your stay. That´s good for the host but also for your profile. They will probably leave a possitive comment that will help you with other searchs.

*If there´s something you don´t want to do or don´t know how to do it, you must talk about it. The idea is that anyone is uncomfortable.

*If you have any special food requirements, por example if you are vegetarian or celiac, you have to put it in your profile and let the host know.

*Take with you some work clothes, if not you will ruin your regular clothes.

*DO IT! It´s an amazing experience for everyone!