6 reasons to do Workaway in a Hostel

As a closure of our first Workaway experience in a Hostel we thought do to a list of the reasons why we consider that you should be a volunteer in a hostel at least once in your life.

Our Workaway was in Tirana, capital of Albania, y we think it was an amazing experience! We met a beautiful city with more beautiful people.

Here are our 6 reason why your next Workaway should be in a Hostel:

  • The people you meet

Like every Hostel you´re going to meet people of every country you can imagine and with interesting stories that can make you journey richer. Plus, you´re going to be in touch with the Hostel staff, that 50% will probably be volunteers.


  • The language, you practice or you practice!

You´re going to speak English, Spanish, Italian, a lot! If you arrived with a basic level you´re going to leave having real conversations and even making friends.

You practice speaking another language but more importantly you practice communicating with other people, get to know them and make them know you. I can assure you that you will be more than happy in every talk.



Getting ready signs for the Bar


  • The city, your temporary home

You´re going to be in a city for some time (Hostels mostly prefer volunteer to stay a month) so you´re going to know it 100% and you will be able to recommend bars, restaurants and activities as a local. Plus, if you like history you will learn a lot about the country you are in.


  • Put in practice you critiques as a guest

You probably have a lot of experience as a guest, now you can put in practice everything you liked and improve the things you didn´t.

They are always open to new ideas on how to improve the place or make the guests more comfortable. Don´t be afraid to tell what you would like to do!


Working at the Bar

  • Possibility to do tours

If you´re lucky you can dome free tours during your stay. A lot of Hostels work with agencies or they have their own tours and being a part of the Hostel´s Staff you will have the opportunity to do it. They will be interested in you sharing your experience with other guests so it´s a fair trade.


  • You learn something new

You never know where life is going to take you so if you have more experiences you will be ready for what comes next. A lot of time experiences like this are well received if you are looking for a job, mostly when you´re travelling or in touristic activities.



If you want to learn more about Workaway please read our practical guide about it.

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