Tirana from the hights

As we told you in our previous post our last days in Tirana we spent it doing all the touristic stuff available.

This time we took advantage of their invitation to visit the cablecar and get to know the instalations that Dajti Ekspres has on top of the monuntain from where you have a lovely view of Tirana.

We took a bus that lead us to where Dajti Ekspres  has their own transport to get to the base of the cablecar and once there we got inside one of the cabins that remind us of Cerro Catedral, in Bariloche Argentina.


cc2At the begining we thought it woud be a short ride but the cablecar is not only a way to get on top of the mountain, is a trip itself. It has more than 4 kilometers and it takes around 15 minutes to get to the top. This cablecar is the longest in the Balkans and the best way to have a areal view of Tirana.

As soon as we got to the top, they took us to visit the instations. We were able to see the Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel with an amazing moving bar on the last floor that gives you a 360º view. We visited one of the rooms and we wanted to stay there but we were just passing by. We also went to the Balkoni Dajtit restaurant on the side of the mountain where you can eat as you are floating on top of the city.

cc1The Hotel and Rataurant are in a land that´s next to the Dajti National Park so is a good place to start a hike to the top of the mountain.

Close by you can also find an abandoned hotel that was used in the times of comunism in Albania and stays there as an eternal witness of the improvements of the country.

cc3The manager of the place also told us about some projects that they have for the future such as creating an ski slope in one of the mountains, a swimming pool on the side of the mountain and many activities for all the comunity.

The place is the best for all kind of events so is no wonder that a lot of weddings are held here. The albanians LOVE wedding parties and this time of the year you see a lot of brides.

After walking around and taking some pictures we wanted to visit the Balkoni Dajtit Restaurant, with prices even lower than in the city center we were able to enjoy some beers with some delicattesens while we watched the sunset.

cc5cc6When it was almost night we went back to the city and the cablecar ride by night has its own special charm.

If you are ever in Tirana you should visit Dajti Ekspres and you can also combined it to the visit of BUNKART because both of them are in the same part of the city close to each other.

Dajti Ekspres

Ticket price – round trip 800 lek (6 euros)

Komuna Linze, Mali i Dajtit, Tirana




+355 (0) 672084471

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